Final Awakening Trilogy

Dawn (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)

Dusk (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)

Night (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)

War For Earth Trilogy

Arrival (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)

Invasion (ebook) (paperback)

Battle (coming soon)

Barren Trilogy

War in the Ruins (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)

Escape From the Ruins (ebook) (paperback)

Return to the Ruins (ebook) (paperback)

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Stone the Crows Trilogy

Rebellion (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)

Uprising (ebook) (paperback)

Revolution (ebook) (paperback)

Empty Bodies Series

Empty Bodies (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)

Adaptation (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)

Deliverance (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)

Open Roads (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)

Damnation (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)

Revelation (ebook) (papebrack) (audiobook)

Empty World (ebook) (paperback)


The Witness (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)

Lines of the Devil (ebook) (paperback)

Idle Blood (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)


The Neighbors (ebook)

American Demon Hunters: Sacrifice (ebook) (paperback) (audiobook)