Stop Remaking Films! Adapt These Books to Movies Instead…

With the recent announcements of the Ghostbusters “sequel”/reboot and the new trailer for the remake of Poltergeist, I’ve seen a lot of people outraged. While I’m not outraged, I simply wish that Hollywood would bring out more original ideas. And yes, I know it’s about money and producing ideas that are guaranteed to sell. But there are TONS of great books out there, especially with the rise of independent publishing.

Here is a list of 5 books that I’d love to see made into movies:

This one has actually been rumored for years and I find myself searching on Google every few days for news as these are my favorite books of all time. Ron Howard has the movie rights, and it’s been very close to production several times. Many actors have been tied to it, and Howard has an awesome idea of wanting to film the series over 3-4 movies with a television series in between the release of each movie. 
Rumors of Netflix and HBO being interested in the show have popped up, but Howard hasn’t been able to get a studio to produce the movies.
These books would translate so well to movies! And with Matthew McConaughey already casted as Randall Flagg in The Stand (Flagg is also the primary villain throughout The Dark Tower series), he’d be perfect for these movies!
Get it done, Ron Howard! Please! 
With the rise in popularity for zombie films, Slow Burn would be perfect!
Author Bobby Adair takes a slightly different take on zombies in this book series, and it would make for a great, fast paced adaptation. And the lead character, Zed, would be a lot of fun to watch on screen! Plus, I’m Texan and would just love to see a zombie movie in Texas. Just sayin’…
While Run comes up as my third favorite Crouch book behind Wayward Pines and Abandon, those two books are already being adapted to television. And I think Run would make a GREAT movie!
The book follows a family after a supernatural event has cause half of the world’s population to start stalking and killing everyone else. I don’t want to ruin the book, but it is amazing! It’s extremely thrilling and would adapt so well to the big screen.
Another smart and thrilling dark fantasy that would translate so well to the big screen. The big opens with the main character in the middle of the woods hanging from a noose, before he is chased down by wolves and a mysterious cloud. I mean, how awesome would the opening scene in this book look in a movie? Pretty bad ass if you ask me. Even if just the first book was done, it would be a great movie!
Like the aforementioned The Dark Tower, Wool actually has movie rights already sold. Hugh Howey made big news as an independent author when he sold the right to this post-apoclyptic epic thriller to Alien and Gladiator director Ridley Scott. Now, I am a HUGE Ridley Scott fan. I thought Wool was a very good book, but Ridley Scott could make it an amazing movie!
Hopefully, he decides to exercise the rights…
So that’s my list! You have any awesome books you’d like to see made into a movie? Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Stop Remaking Films! Adapt These Books to Movies Instead…”

  1. Wool is really awesome and The Dark Tower would be such a sweet movie. I’m about to enter the realms of Mr. Thorns epic… 900 pages of J Thorn(athon). Dean Koontz Odd Thomas series and Chuck Wendigs Blackbird would make great movies.

  2. Awesome! You’ll love J. Thorn! His writing is awesome, especially Portal Arcane. I’d like to see Wool as a movie for sure, and The Dark Tower books are my favorite.

    There actually is a Odd Thomas movie, but I haven’t seen it. It’s on Netflix.

    I haven’t read Chuck yet, but heard a lot of great things. He’s a great follow on Twitter.

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